Starting Fresh in the New Year.

It’s a new year at SOHOSTORY, and we’re excited for what lies ahead in 2016!

This past year, both of us have worked with Rocky at Staff Retreat Co. to discern our strengths and make better use of how God has gifted us in our work and our relationships. We took the Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder. Hoyoung’s top strength is Restorative; he loves to solve problems and does not shy away from them. He works hard to meet his clients’ needs, and he thrives when he’s in the middle of the action helping everyone get the best photograph they can. My top strength is Connectedness; I have a strong awareness of how we are all connected and part of a larger purpose. Honestly, I do not know what this strength means for me because my insecurities have prevented me from living it out. Hoyoung's second strength is also Connectedness. I am excited for us to explore this together this year.

One big change for us this is that we are starting to work from home. We realized that we can get more work done when we don’t have to commute and have room to spread out our work. We are still connected with community, but we are also enjoying our new home office and more flexibility in our schedules. I have the ability to work from home even if Hoyoung would rather work at WELD, the co-working space he is a part of. Working apart more is a welcome and healthy change as we have been together almost 24/7 in recent years.

For both of us, we want to stay focused on how God has gifted us and pursue work that lines up with our strengths instead of letting fear and doubt dictate our choices. We want to be more disciplined and proactive in our work. Some of the most satisfying projects each of us have done are the ones where we’ve been able to work closely together combining photography, design, and illustration, and we hope to collaborate on more projects this year. We also hope to visit a new country or two together this year.


iPhone photograph and hand lettering by Sojung Lee.