Road Trip to Marfa: Day 2 | We made it!

To get into Marfa, we took Texas 17 and the views were to die for!

The highway was mostly empty the entire way so we took full advantage of the photo op.


After about an hour and a half of taking in all of the beautiful scenery of mountain ranges against the soft grey blue sky and the greenery of the tree tops on 17, we finally arrived in Marfa and checked in to El Cosmico.


Hoyoung and I were lucky enough to reserve a teepee for our stay. (We are told that the teepees are already booked every weekend until the end of October!) 

The inside of the teepee exceeded our expectations. And we were pleasantly surprised to find the newly added fire pit inside.


We ate dinner on the camp grounds at the communal kitchen. 

At night, El Cosmico is a peaceful site. Even though all of their units are booked out for the entire week, the camp grounds were so quiet and relaxed. The silence was so refreshing, away from the noise of Dallas. The stars were spread all across the dark sky and you could see the faint glow of the fire pits burning in the teepees. 

Unfortunately, Hoyoung forgot his tripod for the trip so we tried to set up the camera on a Gorillapod on the picnic table outside of our teepee. It was so dark outside that he tried to do his best with our flashlight. Instead of helping him, I snapped this photo with my iPhone instead.


Finally, he decided it’d be best to just set the camera on top of the table and Hoyoung was able to get this shot using his Fujifilm x100s. He's not satisfied with this one but I think it's beautiful!

All photos were taken with iPhone and a Fuji x100s camera.