road trip to Austin, Tx.

When we were first married more than 2 years ago, Hoyoung and I talked about traveling at least 3 times a year. It didn't matter whether we took a short road trip or went overseas - we just knew that we wanted to explore new places together. Unfortunately, the troubles of our lives got in the way and we put traveling on the back burner just like we had pushed our marriage aside.

Last August, after we had been married a year and a half, we took our first real trip (not counting our honeymoon) to Austin. We had been going through so many changes that first year and a half of marriage, we thought we didn't have the luxury of time or money to go anywhere. And we only went to Austin because I had an interview for an internship.

We probably went on the hottest and most humid weekend of the summer. But it was the most refreshing trip and much needed for our marriage.

Obligatory McDonald's stop on our way to Austin...


and selfie...


and a touristy stop to the State Capitol started off our weekend. 


We actually went twice - once in the afternoon and on our second night there.  The Capitol is gorgeous lit against the dark sky.


We didn't do anything fancy or exciting while we were in Austin. Mostly we ate, walked a lot, slept, ate, and... ate!

Side note: Out of everything we ate, from the delicious noodles at Ramen Tatsu-Ya to a homemade pop tart at Houndstooth, our favorite was the humble pepperoni pizza at Home Slice on SoCo.


Post Austin, we realized that traveling is never going be a waste of time or money for us. There is so much value in getting away from work and home, most importantly, together. Dallas is so good to us and we love it here for many reasons, but we also know that it's so easy to be sucked into the DFW bubble and become consumed by our own busy-ness. This trip not only rekindled our wanderlust, but it was also one of many first lessons that taught us to slow down, to enjoy our lives and each other. 


All photos were taken with a Fuji x100s camera.