Mercy Street Dallas | Head Shots and a New Website

A little over a year ago, Hoyoung and I got involved with Mercy Street, a ministry serving the West Dallas community. We fell in love with the heart of this non-profit and the hardworking staff who are serving the residents of this impoverished neighborhood. 

Mercy Street believes in sharing the gospel message through intentional relationships with the West Dallas community. They have a mentorship program that builds into students in elementary through high school to raise up leaders rooted in the gospel. Mercy Street offers hope to the West Dallas community needing healing in the redemptive message of Jesus Christ.  

Over the past year, I worked with Mercy Street to build them a website that would be clean and simple to navigate.

You can see the full website here:

Hoyoung also took head shots of the wonderful staff for the website. They were all so kind and gracious - their smiles say it all!
Here are some of our favorites:


You can see all of the head shots on the “About” page.

This Christmas season, please consider “Giving the Gift of Mercy” to Mercy Street to support this ministry that is being a light in West Dallas. Be a part of the work that God is doing there through Mercy Street.