Road Trip to Marfa: Day 3 | Exploring the town.

Good morning, y'all!

For the past two mornings, Marfa has been cold and windy. Hoyoung woke up early yesterday and bearing the chill, he snapped some beautiful shots of El Cosmico.

After morning coffee and a light breakfast, we headed into town to have lunch at the Food Shark, a food truck serving delicious Mediterranean! They were not parked at their spot when we got there about 10 til noon so we walked around a bit, enjoying the architecture in the mostly empty streets and roads.

Soon enough, the Food Shark was parked and out of nowhere, people started to gravitate towards it like magnets. I was so hunched over the entire time I was standing in line because it was so cold and windy, but it was totally worth it.


Although we were the second ones in line, we still waited for about 20 minutes once we put our order in while they heated up the oil in the fryer for the falafels - excuse me, MARFAlafel. Hoyoung ordered the Marfalafel with hummus and I ordered a veggie burrito with mushrooms, squash, and guacamole off of their daily specials menu. We also ordered two extra falafels with hummus on the side. 


It definitely was the best hummus I've ever had and the falafel was one of the best!

After lunch, we walked around some more but soon realized that Marfa is a VERY quiet little town - most of the establishments are open only certain days of the week OR certain months of the year. We were able to at least view the city from up high in the Presidio County Courthouse's cupola. We climbed several flights of stairs to get to the 360 degree panorama.

Some of the museums are by appointment only so we were not able to see much except for Donald Judd's concrete installations (part of the Chinati Foundation), which are available to view at any time during the day. There was plenty to see of that, though, so I wasn't disappointed.

We also saw the full panorama of the Artillery Sheds from afar and peeked in through the windows.

Afterwards, we came back to El Cosmico to rest up. I tried hanging out in one of the hammocks but it was just too windy to stay in it for very long. 

So we napped inside our teepee. Here's a iPhone selfie of us faking it.
Photographer's Note: I was having a bad hair day! Who cares, anyway. I'm traveling.

After resting up and grilled burgers for dinner, we set out to the Marfa Lights Viewing Area. We left before sundown, hoping to be lucky enough to see the mysterious lights.

After sticking it out in the cold wind for about two hours, we had no such luck.  This is what I looked like the entire time we were there.

We left when someone told Jon he'd been coming to see the Marfa lights for 25 years and he's only seen it a total of 3 times. Yikes!

The views were beautiful though.


Photographer's Note: The majority of the photos were taken with Fuji X100S and edited with Lightroom.  Feel free to ask me any questions about the photos.