a birthday message to my wife.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife and the first half of SOHOSTORY.


You are truly a blessing in my life.  Thank you for always being so supportive of me and the things I do.  I can only imagine how exciting 2014 will be for us.  And the best part of it is that we get to do it together, as one.

I love you and thank you for being the best wife anyone could ask for.

It’s become a tradition for us to get Sojung a slice of cheesecake on her birthday with a single candle.

Why just one slice?  It’s simple and that’s the way we like to do things.


Also Sojung would kill me if I brought home a whole cheesecake for the both of us - she’d want to eat it all in one day, do exactly that, feel guilty, and blame me.  

It’s so easy to get caught up in buying an expensive birthday present or planning a big birthday party while the small details that matter get forgotten.  So we try to be intentional and focus on what’s more important.  Cake and presents would be meaningless if we only did that.  Sojung and I try make at least one good memory on special occasions like.  Last year, when Sojung had a normal job, I was waiting by the door with the cheesecake and a single lit candle when she came home.  Simple but we'll always remember it because it was the first of her birthdays we celebrated as a married couple.

Today, we’ll spend rest of the day with our instax camera for our #instaxdate.  Our plan is to grab a nice lunch and walk around the city.  Also, I will have my phone on Airplane Mode to just take photos. 


This is my gift to Sojung; I can be very distracted sometimes but today she gets my undivided attention as part of her birthday gift.  Plus, her very own pair of Warby Parker glasses will be on their way soon!

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