Mercy Street Dallas | Head Shots and a New Website

A little over a year ago, Hoyoung and I got involved with Mercy Street, a ministry serving the West Dallas community. We fell in love with the heart of this non-profit and the hardworking staff who are serving the residents of this impoverished neighborhood. 

Mercy Street believes in sharing the gospel message through intentional relationships with the West Dallas community. They have a mentorship program that builds into students in elementary through high school to raise up leaders rooted in the gospel. Mercy Street offers hope to the West Dallas community needing healing in the redemptive message of Jesus Christ.  

Over the past year, I worked with Mercy Street to build them a website that would be clean and simple to navigate.

You can see the full website here:

Hoyoung also took head shots of the wonderful staff for the website. They were all so kind and gracious - their smiles say it all!
Here are some of our favorites:


You can see all of the head shots on the “About” page.

This Christmas season, please consider “Giving the Gift of Mercy” to Mercy Street to support this ministry that is being a light in West Dallas. Be a part of the work that God is doing there through Mercy Street.


A Food Shoot for Savoy Sorbet

When the new owner of Savoy Sorbet, Angela, came to us in need of photographs of their delicious sorbets, Hoyoung and I were very excited. Doing a styled food shoot in the studio was exactly the type of opportunity we were looking for in food photography. This project made use of both our talents in the photography studio: Hoyoung’s knowledge of studio lighting and my simple design aesthetic.

Chamomile Orange

Chamomile Orange

This past year, Hoyoung and I have intentionally sought out projects that would allow us to collaborate. We work together on projects all of the time, but usually that means Hoyoung is responsible for the photography and I am responsible for the design. Photography-wise, I never felt like Hoyoung and I stood on equal ground because he is an experienced photographer and I am usually the photographer’s assistant, responsible for small details like making sure hair isn’t out of place and that ties are on straight.

Our first photography job that allowed us to truly collaborate was the food shoot at SPORK. I styled each shot while Hoyoung photographed. After that shoot, we knew we both really enjoyed food photography because it would allow us to work together collaboratively. But also, to be real, we both love food!

The concept for this photoshoot was all about showcasing the organic and all-natural ingredients that go into making the sorbets. Each shot had to be simple and clean but also fun and interesting. I used a flat bristled brush to play around with cane sugar, himalayan sea salt, cinnamon, lavender and chamomile tea leaves, chocolate shavings, and more. It was so much fun.

Savoy Sobert-122.jpg
Savoy Sobert-123.jpg
Savoy Sobert-125.jpg
Cinnamon Apple Brandy

Cinnamon Apple Brandy

One of the biggest hurdles we ran into was how quickly the sorbets melted. Even though sorbets do not melt as quickly as ice cream under the studio lights, we still had limited time. With the first sorbet we shot, I made the mistake of dishing out the sorbet first and then setting up the shot with the ingredients. You can see the sorbet melting little by little as set up progress.

Savoy Sobert-094.jpg
Savoy Sobert-096.jpg
Savoy Sobert-098.jpg
Savoy Sobert-103.jpg
Chocolate Fix

Chocolate Fix

We had to make sure everything was set in place before we scooped out the sorbets into our crystal dishes. Shooting with tight time restrictions, we learned that there is no such thing as being over-prepared.

Savoy Sobert-296.jpg
Ginger Lemongrass

Ginger Lemongrass

We used two different backdrops, a white and a teal blue seamless paper, to create multiple shots with the same flavors. I love the contrast between the two: the white backdrop is light and airy and the teal blue is bold and fresh.

Triple Lemon

Triple Lemon

It was a delight to work with Angela and her team. My favorite flavor was the Chocolate Fix, which has coconut, cacao and himalayan sea salt. Hoyoung’s favorite was the Triple Lemon, which has lemon, lemongrass, and lemon thyme.

Visit their landing page, which we designed, to see more of our shots from that day, and look for their sorbets at your local Central Market. Also, look for their new website in mid-December that we are designing and have photographed!


Camera: Fujifilm X-T1
Lens: Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2 & 35mm f/1.2
Lights: Window Light (modified with 2 x white foam boards and 2 x black foam boards)
Background: Impact 5-in-1 Oval Reflector (42x72”) & Blue Seamless Paper