Our Marfalous Adventure: Day 1 | Abilene, Tx

About two months ago, we met the lovely Jon and Jenn Sprinkle. Jenn had started following me on Instagram, had reached out to us to meet for lunch, and we have been meeting up weekly since. About two weeks after our initial meeting, we cautiously asked the Sprinkles if they would want to go on a trip with us to Marfa, Tx. And much to our relief, they said, “yes!” (instead of thinking we were crazy!)

We are so excited to be spending the next 4 days with them! And who wouldn’t be? Look how cute they are!


To make this trip more easy-going, we decided to break up the drive by stopping in Abilene to eat dinner and rest up for the night. (Abilene is only 3.5 hours away versus Marfa, being 8 hours away.)

Jenn, looking gorgeous! at the restaurant.


The sun was starting to set just as we stepped out of the restaurant. The soft light was so nice.


Oh, and one more of my favorites of Jon and Jenn!


We will be with the Sprinkles for the next 3 nights at hotel El Cosmico in Marfa.  Follow us on Instagram to see posts from our trip! 
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All photos were taken with iPhone and a Fuji x100s camera.