the re-launch of SOHOSTORY.

Those of you familiar with the "old" SOHOSTORY will know us as a photography studio run by my husband, Hoyoung.  People who don't know us often assume I am also a photographer. We correct them, that I do illustration and graphic design, always feeling a bit awkward because SOHOSTORY was never meant to be just a photography business.  We wanted to do more by creating together, first as husband and wife and second as business partners.  Doubts and fears held us back - we didn't know if owning a business as a married couple was a good idea and we were afraid of working together.

In 2014, we have come back as a team; we will be combining our skills to create and tell stories together.  I will be the first to admit, unless Hoyoung raises his hand first, that this was not an easy process.  

On the first Saturday of this month, we sat down to work on our 2014 goals and business planning.


The whole day was messy and tiring, we were both feeling burnt out, and there was many a moment where we thought it might be better to call it quits.  At the end of the day, we left feeling overwhelmed with what needed to happen in order for our small business to just stay afloat.

That night, I could not sleep.
I knew that if our business was to work, I personally had to answer questions that I had been struggling with as a creative for the past couple of months:

Is it possible to be original?  
If it is, am I capable of being original and am I creative enough?
And what’s wrong with creating for the sake of simply creating something beautiful?

Completely lost, I came across a talk by Megan Gilger from the Circles Conference.  I've been a long time follower of her blog, The Fresh Exchange, and a friend of mine had raved about how Megan's talk had been so inspiring.  

After watching and listening to her speak, I came away with these conclusions:

Yes, it is possible to be original.  We are all unique.  We are all human AND we are all original beings so why shouldn’t we be able to create original work?  I am creative!  More than enough!
And yes, I can create simply for the sake of creating something beautiful.  But beauty is empty if it is meaningless. Meaningless beauty is in-genuine, inauthentic.  

The creative life and owning your own business looks so glamorous, and there truly are some amazing perks.  It is also incredibly scary in so many ways that sometimes you just want to go cry in a corner.  Fear was holding us back from what we truly wanted SOHOSTORY to be.  But we know it has to be today, not someday.


With this re-launch, Hoyoung and I are simultaneously sighing of relief and holding our breath for feeling vulnerable as we commit to putting ourselves out there.   But with this vulnerability, there is this freedom.  My freedom to be me. The freedom for Hoyoung to be him.  The freedom to be us.

So let us apologize for not giving you 100% of us, of who we are.  We’ve been holding back because of fear: fear of failure, fear of unoriginality, fear of rejection, fear of stifled creativity.  

You can expect us to be open with you creatively and as people.  You can expect to connect with us deeply.  You can expect to find life within us, full of meaning.  You can expect not only to find beauty, but with it also find originality and authenticity.

There was the life we were living, afraid of taking chances, and then there is the life that we will be living without fear. 

Leave a comment!  Let us know who you are and how 2014 will be different for you.  We would love to connect with you!