my birthday adventure.

Last Wednesday was my 27th birthday and I feel like I am now officially in my late twenties.


Something about turning 27, being in my late twenties, I feel the weight of adulthood.  There’s such a bad connotation to the word “weight,” “heavy.”  I don’t see getting older, being an adult, as a heavy burden.  Maybe the more fitting word is “depth” - I am beginning to see more depth in my life, able to see who I am today because of my past experiences.  

Looking back on the last 10 years, I see how uncomfortable I was just being me.  I was always so hard on myself for not being social enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not creative enough, not smart enough - nothing was ever enough for me.  I saw that bleed into my marriage during our first year, where I never felt lovable enough and consequently, my husband felt like he was never enough for me.  

Believing and trusting that I am fearfully and wonderfully made took me a long time.  Now, I know that the standards I have set for myself do not matter.  I have to be comfortable with who I am or life will be miserable and I will be useless and a burden to those around me.  

Within this last year, I have also become more accepting of my introverted personality.  I used to fight against it, but I’ve learned to simplify my life so I can embrace it.  My birthday was so perfect because it was simple, no fuss.  Hoyoung and I spent a quiet afternoon together, taking time to savor a delicious meal and coffee afterwards.  The day was absolutely gorgeous and perfect for walking up and down the streets of Lower Greenville in Dallas.  With just our iPhones and our Instax camera, we had a blast.

We started with lunch at HG Sply Co.  They believe that FOOD = FUEL; the dishes are fresh and delicious and portions are generous.  It was definitely birthday-worthy food!


We walked up a block and stopped by favorite coffee shop, Mudsmith.  The lighting is absolutely gorgeous inside by the window.


We also found some cool snap-worthy spots in the area.


We ended the day with our nieces.  We made cupcakes together; 2-year-old Skylar did a great job mixing with the help of her uncle and a makeshift pastry bag.  We each got our own cupcake and candle to blow out together.  At the end of the night, I even got a special manicure from 5-year-old Shiloh.


All in all, I had a great birthday.

Thank you for all the best wishes, everyone!