Goodbye, Rolff. We'll see you, again!

Yesterday (April 5th, 2013), At 11:02 AM, Rolff left this earth to be with God.

I got the message approximately 10 mintues after his passing.  I rushed out of the office and got to the hospital as quickly as I could.  By the time I arrived at 11:30, many of his family members were mourning over his death.

All the posters and balloons had been taken down from the wall,  medical machines turned off, and the room was silent.  I had mixed emotions...  I began tearing up as I saw and heard other family members grieving.  But I know that he is with God.  Rolff's dad was constantly encouraging everyone, saying that everything is ok and he is with Jesus.

At one point, Rolff's father played a song on his phone... a beautifully sad song in Spanish.  Everyone, including myself, burst into tears.  He placed the phone right next to his head on top of the bible for Rolff to hear.

Behind all the sadness, there was so much love in the room.  Some of the family members said that they felt the love of Christ through Rolff's life.  It is amazing to see how love can be so transparent.   Even the ICU doctors and nurses came by throughout the day to pray for him.  He has touched so many peoples' hearts, including mine.

Nurses disconnecting the wires and tubes.

The nurses came in and disconnected all the wires and tubes; Rolff's mother and aunt cleaned him.  As the aunt was cleaning him, she was singing and humming songs of hope.  It was such a beautiful moment that I'll never forget.  I simply can't describe it with words...

There was a young boy that looked very distressed in the room.  I asked him if he was Rolff's cousin.  He answered, "Yes, but he was like a brother to me.  We grew up together..."  The boy's mother told me that they had played together since they were little and even slept in same crib as babes.

The three best friends.

His two best friends came and said goodbye to him.  They know in their hearts that they will see him again.  

The visitation is set for Sunday, April 7th from 1PM- 8PM, with religious service starting at 5:30 pm by Pastor Jesse Luna.

Gonzalez Funeral Home Chapel

1111 Military Pkwy, Mesquite, TX 75419

he funeral is set for Monday, April 8th, at 2 PM- 3:30 PM, Words of Grace (Viewing is from 10AM-2PM).  

Gonzalez Funeral Home Chapel

1111 Military Pkwy, Mesquite, TX 75419

Burial Services following Words of Grace is at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

4402 Belt Line Road.  Sunnyvale, TX 75082

Thank you all for the support and kind words for Rolff and his family.  They sincerely want to thank each and one of you.

I end this with my own personal story.  I am humbled and honored that people are thanking me for sharing Rolff's story.  Thank you for taking the time to read and share this with others.  I just had to share the love I saw and felt through Rolff and his family.  Through Rolff and his father, I saw what God must have felt when He had to see his Son die for us.  It's that kind of love that I wanted to share.

The flood of emails and donations are beyond what I imagined.  I am grateful to have the ability to share this story.  I do this not to bring glory to my name but only to bring Glory to the name of God.  

Please share Rolff's story with people around you.  This story is worth sharing.

Donations are still being collected to support Rolff's family with medical expenses.  For those who have donated, Thank you so much for your kindness.

A mother's kiss.

Father gently speaking to his son.

Rolff's dad is assuring them Rolff is now with Jesus.

I prayed for Rolff and said my goodbye.

Last kiss from his aunt.

Everything is turned off

Mother cleaning her son for the last time

Nurse came by to pray for him

Rest in peace, Rolff.  We love you.