This is Rosie.

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This is Rosie.  

Meet my new friend, Rosie

She is a bright young lady.  I met her few months ago at the benefit concert for Younglife Capernaum.  Before the concert, her mother stopped me, with tears in her eyes.  She had heard some bad news from the doctors the day before and it has been hard for both of them. She asked me to photograph Rosie during the concert.  

I went up to Rosie right before the concert to greet her.  I lifted the camera up to my eye and she immediately gave me the biggest smile, so happy to be photographed.  I would never have been able to tell that she is in pain or sick.  

I later found out that she has chronic kidney pain with the added pain of scoliosis and pelvic stabilizer metal rods.  Now, she is dealing with an antibiotic allergy reaction that has caused rash, hives, and eye swelling, difficult to treat with medication.

During the concert, I frequently visited her to photograph her.  Each time I came around, she was so excited to see me.  I felt so blessed by her smiles.  There aren't enough words to describe the feeling of joy as a photographer when you get a reaction like that.

Her mother describes it perfectly: “I don't see how Rosie can keep so much joy with all the constant kidney pain and pain from scoliosis and pelvic stabilizer metal rods not to mention cerebral palsy muscle tone.”

Towards the middle of the concert, Rosie and her volunteers disappeared.  I quickly followed them out in to the hallway, not expecting to cry myself minutes later.  

Rosie was crying in the hallway and the volunteers were comforting her.  I didn't ask any questions and just stood behind, waiting.  When things settled, I walked up to her, and she once again smiled with excitement.  I looked down at her screen (she communicates via a communication device she types into), and it said " I am crying on [and] off."  

"I am crying of [and] off"

I began to tear up.  I had no idea why Rosie was sad, but I felt so ashamed.  

Up to that moment, I had ignorantly thought that people with disabilities have less feelings and emotions than I do.  I don't know why I had thought that when they are just as human as I am ...  They have the same amount of emotions and have feelings like everyone else.

I had to pause for a few minutes, praying for forgiveness ...

Rosie was sad because a song from the concert had reminded her of her friend.  She remembered that something bad had happened to him about a year ago and the memory had made her sad.

Please pray for her speedy recovery and better health.  Pray that the doctors are able to find medicine that is safe for her to use.  

Two awesome volunteers that I got to meet

Rosie is just one of the many beautiful stories of the children of Younglife Capernaum.  If you have a moment, please check out Younglife Capernum ( and support them by volunteering your time or giving.  

Younglife Capernaum Benefit Concert :: Dallas, TX

Last Saturday, I had an awesome opportunity to photograph the benefit concert for Younglife Capernaum.  I reached out to them and volunteered myself to photograph the event in hopes of bringing more awareness into the community through my art.

Shane & Shane, Christopher Williams, and Bethany Dillon performed that night.  They are the most amazing and kindest artists I've yet to meet!  During the concert, the Younglife members performed a special song through song and dance.  It was a blessing to watch them praise and worship so freely.

My wife and I had a great time and were so touched by the people we got to meet.

Please check them out and support their cause!