Grant & AJ :: Children Studio Portrait

I got to meet these two awesome brothers, Grant and AJ, in the studio.  Grant is a great older brother to his little brother; he is a little shy with a kind personality.  AJ, on the other hand, is adorably energetic.  He was dancing and just having fun the entire time.  I had a great time shooting this lovely family and best of all, I was able to capture their opposite personalities.

AJ started to dance.

Kylie :: Children Studio Portrait Dallas, TX

I had the privilege of photographing Kylie in studio for a portrait session.  She is a fun and bright-eyed girl so the shoot was a blast.  Kylie felt like she was a model with all the studio lights and the environment.   Before she left, she asked me, "So... are we doing this every saturday?  Because this was really fun!"   These kinds of compliments makes my day just so perfect!

The shoot ended with her dancing around and jumping.