I want me to shine

Oh look at my beautiful photo! Isn't that beautiful light?  I am a photographer.  Let me take your photograph.  I am a storyteller, let me tell your story.

Artwork by merelypaper.com

I wanted my light to shine and that's what I worked hard for.  So in the midst of my "hard work", I had an experience which caused me to feel as if God was so far away.  Truthfully, I had a meltdown.  When I shared my story, a good friend asked me to read Isaiah 59, 58, 60, and 61 in this order.  I was floored when I read it...

I am a sinner.  My sins are the cause of all this.  "your sins have hidden his face from you..."  My number one goal was to become a photographer.  I was so wrapped around creating awesome portraits instead of loving on the people first.  I sometimes told stories or not told stories because of how my market my think of me.  

God loves us.  I know it and believe it.  I am to share that love with everyone that I get the the chance to spend time with, even if there is no camera.  I am a photographer.  Let me hear your story and allow me to capture you in the beautiful way that God has created you.  I am a storyteller.  Give me an opportunity to share your story to bring glory to the one who deserves it and the love that He shares.

In the end, let me share the love I have received with you.