Story about Innovation Institute - Part 2

After watching several children ride the recreational vehicles created by Innovation Institute, I asked Harold, “You are in the business of creating smiles, aren’t you?”

He smiled and nodded.

My wife and I went out to the Bachman Lake for the annual Bachman Lake Extravaganza.  The event has been hosted by Turning Point since 1990 to introduce people with disabiliies to activities and adaptive equipment for fishing, horseback riding, archery, hand cycling, and more.  Innovation Institute also brought out their recreational vehicles.


It is hard not to notice all the excitement and thrill that people get from riding the vehicles.  It was such a blessing for us to see how much joy that Harold brings to people.  

I had the chance to meet and talk to several children and young adults.

This is Taylor.

Taylor's reaction to the ramp going up was priceless. 

Just like the photo, she is bright, excited, curious, talkative, and has a beautiful smile that I will never forget.  

This image defines what Innovation Institute does.

This was Taylor's reaction when asked, "Do you wanna go around once more?"

This is Andrew.

 He is visiting his grandparents for the summer and they brought him out for a day of fun.  I watched his granddad as he was photographing Andrew riding the cart and saw how genuinely thankful he was to see his grandson enjoying himself.  Andrew even got to drive.  

Andrew was curious about the golf cart so Harold explained all the technical parts.

Innovation Institute is planning to partner with several summer camps around the country to bring more smiles to children’s faces.  But they need your support.

Harold runs the organization with love and prayer.  He uses the profits from his own business to keep Innovation Institute running.  He hopes to grow it to serve more people.  If you are able give a tax-deductible gift, share this post with family and friends and pray for Harold and his team.

For more information, contact them at or (972) 709-5391.  Also, they can be found on Facebook.


If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, make out your check to:

Innovation Institute

1219 Crestdell Drive

Duncanville, TX 75137


(Read Part I here.)


This cart uses hydraulics to lower the cart to the ground for easy access.

No part is bad to Innovation Institute.  Even an old engine runs perfectly.

To save cost, they use (modified) inexpensive battery charger to use as battery.

All controls are easy reach and access for safety.