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I have never cried while editing photos.  But I did today...

Rolff is one of my wife's students.  She always had many good things about him.

During the midweek of spring break, Sojung received a tough and unexpected message...  She was notified that Rolff had been in a tragic car accident with his aunt and her son, and they had been in the ICU for the past couple of days.  It was such a shock to both of us that we didn't know what to do.

They had hit by a drunk wreckless driver who was speeding at 90 mph on a 45 mph zone.

Sojung kept me updated everyday of his condition and we have been praying constantly for his recovery.  She forwarded an e-mail about how his family were selling bracelets to raise money.  I knew I wanted to help in anyway that I could by telling his story.  When I was first able to visit the hospital with my wife, I asked his parents permission to take photos of Rolff.

When I walked into the hospital room, I was speechless.  With all the IV bags, machines, quietness, and wires... I couldn't help but stop in my tracks.  Rolff is currently in a coma hooked up to a life support machine.  You can hear the breathing machine pumping oxygen into him as his chest goes up and down with each inhale and exhale.  

What amazed me most was how I saw so much more behind all the sadness.

Rolff's father greets us with a smile whenever we visit, and he is always watching over his son with a gentle smile.  It is so genuine and his smile describes the unconditional love he has for his son.  He speaks softly to Rolff constantly, gently touching his face, or massaging his hands and feet. 

Rolff's mother is also always by his bedside, praying for him.  She is full of hope and believes that he will recover soon.  She holds his hand under the blanket and speaks to him very quietly...

Around the room, there are many posters and balloons hanging on the wall from his friends and teachers at school.  I could see how much he is missed by everyone.

Rolff's aunt was in coma for three days but has woken up since.  Her last surgery, lasting more than 8 hours, repaired multiple things but the road to her recovery is long.  I pray for her recovery.

"Rolff: We are with you"

I ask for your help.  The students and faculty at Rolff's school sold bracelets to help support them with medical expenses.  However, the bills far exceed the amount of money that has been raised so far.  Spending just one night in the ICU is several thousands of dollars; Rolff has been there for the past month and will be there for longer.

I believe we can do more for him.  I have setup a donation page for Rolff and his family.  100% donation will be given to the family.

In addition, be on the lookout for an announcement about studio mini-sessions with SOHOSTORY to raise funds for the family.  All proceeds will go to the family as well.

Read more about Rolff on his page.  And leave a comment for Rolff and his family.  

Life Support

Rolff's dad never lost that smile on his face

He is praying and holding his son's hand.

Rolff's mom is constantly praying by his bedside.

Every time dad talks to Rolff, he gently massages his eyebrows and brushes his finger across the bridge of his son's nose.

His heart is still beating strong!

"Rolff: We are with you"