Saying goodbye to Rolff - Part 1

All the flowers were donated by friends and family.

It's never easy to say goodbye to a loved one.  Saying goodbye to Rolff was very emotional, but uplifting because lived a life sharing his love.  Story after story was about how he loved others.   The photographs from the funeral show just that...

The first day of the funeral was beautiful.  There are no other words to describe it.  So many people showed up hours before and quietly sat in the pews, waiting for the service to begin.  Even through the chaos, Rolff's father made sure he took care of everyone, including asking an American pastor to share a message in English before the Spanish service, which was so thoughtful.

The family also decided to have services on two different dates to accomdate the schedules of Rolff's family, friends, and teachers - one on Sunday and another on Monday.  They wanted to give everyone a chance to say goodbye to Rolff.

The funeral began with Rolff's soccer team marching in together to display his worn jersey.  The team will dearly miss their #13 teammate and friend.  

The sermon and music were both in both English and Spanish.  Even though I couldn't understand everything, it was so heartfelt.  


The funeral ended very peacefully.  Many people stayed around to say their goodbyes to Rolff and comfort the family.  There was so much love in the room.

Rolff's Uncle & Aunt saying their goodbyes.

Forever #13

Rolff's soccer team paying their respects to the family.

Rolff's coach whispered his goodbyes to him.

Rolff's grandmother sharing a message.

Camila sharing her story about Rolff.