I’m not your average photographer.

Of course, I know my way around a camera and I have a passion for composing excellent images, but I think there’s a lot more to photography than the simple click of a button. 

Every single individual, company, and brand has a story to tell . . . and my greatest desire is to bring that story to life through the power of beautifully captured photographs.

My background, while extensive, isn't traditional. I worked for eight years as a corporate accountant before I started pursuing photography . . . or, more accurately, stumbled into it. It all started when my wife, Sojung, and I bought a little Sony camera on clearance as a fun way to experiment creatively and capture our memories together. 

Not long after that, we decided to take the plunge and launch SOHOSTORY, a commercial, advertising, and editorial photography company with a knack for capturing meaningful stories.

This venture has taught me an important lesson about myself: Beyond technical skills, the greatest strengths I can bring to the table are empathy, passion, and a commitment to be a “life-time learner”. My camera is simply a tool for connecting with people, to get to know them personally, and to share their stories well.

Some of my clients include Frito-Lay, Southwest Airlines Magazine, D Magazine, GM Financial, Little Goodall, and Mission Foods.

If you’re looking for a photographer whose passion for excellence is matched by a passion for people, we definitely need to meet. In the Dallas area? I’d love to take you out for coffee, or if you’re up to it, to Royal Sichuan, where the orange beef will change your life.





Southwest Airlines Magazine
Little Goodall
GM Financial
Mission Foods
Rwanda Children
Dallas Area Rapid Transit
D Magazine
Dr. Delphinium Designs
Quarto Publishing
FD Luxe
Wallflower Management